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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Yes, master gwew and I have finally set up my new home. (actually, more of si master gwew lang. hehe).

please go to http://savvy-elf.daft-cow.com/ for my new BLOG! (and hopefully, soon, site). so, change your URLs to that one, okay? Or, just add that one and replace this one and make it "Jen's Reviews" or something.

I'm still keeping this open though...I'm changing it to a REVIEW SITE...since everyone seems to have loved my Troy review. *thanks, btw*

Also, PLEASE JOIN THE TROY MOVIE FANLISTING! It's run by Gwew and Myself. *naxxxxx*



Posted at 20.5.04 by Jennifer Bloom
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Monday, May 17, 2004
Finally, A Substantial Troy Post...SPOILER ALERT.

okay. the dust has settled. the hyperventilating has ceased. finally, a substantial troy post/review/whatever the hell you want to call it.

first though, I'd like to share with you all my Top Ten Favorite Movies:

10. The Calcium Kid [no grade as of yet]
09. 50 First Dates - B-
08. Van Helsing - B
07. Ocean's Eleven - B+
06. School of Rock - B+
05. Troy - B+
04. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - A
01. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring* (tie) - A
      The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers* (tie) - A+
      The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (tie) - A+

[note that I grade Fellowship & Two Towers Extended Editions]

*Disclaimer: because of the evident bias towards Orlando Bloom, well...be prepared. I'm biased. I said it. be prepared for my opinions - some will be harsh...but they're just my opinions. so i ask to be respected. Also, if you have not seen the movie, and do not wish to know details, please, do not continue reading. I must also inform you that before watching the movie, I had already read a fan review by a poster at Orlando Love Forum, where she basically told us everything, so I knew everything was to happen - just not when or how, visually.

Now, onto the review - last time to turn back before massive spoilers head your way:

Direction: A
Script & Screenplay: A
Cast Performance: B+
Special Effects & Cinematography: A+
Score & Music: B/B+(especially because of the bloody woman moaning in the background every other scene. pissed the hell out of me. if there was less of a moaning woman/no moaning at all, the score would have been A-/A)

Overall: B+

Troy exceeded my expectations, to say the least. I was expecting the worst, truthfully. Never mind that Orlando, my dear dear Orlando was participative in it. I felt that too much of a good thing was a bad thing - and I was worried that Troy would be one of those things. Fortunately, it exceeded my expectations overall.

Direction: Wolfgang (Petersen) was born to do this movie, said Eric Bana (Hector), and I do agree. I cannot really see any other director than Petersen (from such greats as Perfect Storm, Das Boot, etc.) who could do this. He directed the thing wonderfully.

Script, etc: David Benioff, who wrote the script, was also exceptionally gifted and talented. He twisted the Iliad and the Aenid, alright, but he has the freedom to do so - and I love that. So what if certain events weren't the same? It's a bloody movie, and the Iliad was only an inspiration. Troy never was a direct adaptation, which is why I approve of the script. Also, the lines are so very powerful, albeit Achilles' lines were somewhat on the Braveheart-ish side. [i.e. Immortality! Take it, it's yours!] Hector and Paris' lines especially were beautiful. [Face it. The Paris lines would make any heart melt...Men will hunt us, and the gods will curse us...but I'll love you. Until the day they burn my body, I will love you.] So, kudos to Benioff.

Effects: Effects were amazing. You never would have thought that the walls of Troy were in actuality about a fifth of what they showed - the rest was all computer. And the armies - you never would have thought they were CG either. Everything was realistic - attention to detail was undoubtedly great, not unlike what Weta Ltd. did with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Cast Performance: Now, I get down in the bloody dirt: the cast performance. I will mention them individually, because I believe it is necessary. It will be name, then grade, then reason.

Brad Pitt (Achilles) - C - Just from the 30-second TV Spots with "Immortality, Take It, It's yours" playing repeatedly, I could not get the bloody drift on this guy's accent. I was like, you're American. Then you have this British accent. Then both put together. Then back to American. Dude - pick one and stick with it. He was way too perfect (although being somewhat God does make him somewhat perfect) and I think his performance was quite wooden. And the butt repeated butt outlines/shots. Weren't needed - but they were there. I need to watch 12 Monkeys and Ocean's Eleven again just to remind myself that I liked Brad Pitt. Sure, loads of people are telling me how hot he is, how buff he is [sorry to you guys, really...no offense...just saying it how i see it], but I don't watch movies for the buffness or the hotness. I don't just like actors because they're hot [although, in the case of Orlando, it is a good plus] I like actors because they can act. And Brad didn't do it for me in this movie.

Eric Bana (Hector) - A - I was a neutral person when I entered the theatre when it came to Bana, having previously seen him in tidbits of Hulk (didn't watch the whole thing, don't plan to) and in the whole of Black Hawk Down, I didn't dislike him, but I didn't like him like him either. Well, now, I do. I loved his performance in Troy, and I cried when he died. (For some reason, seeing an orc hacked close-up I enjoy...but Eric...goodness. I couldn't really look). I loved him as that leader and devoted husband and father. Some people think that giving him such praise is much, but I think he deserves it. He owned the movie. And some complained about his accent...all I say is, please listen to Achilles and Patroclus again. Then get back to me. Thanks. Eric Bana rocks.

Orlando Bloom (Paris) - B+/A - Okay. Yes, I'm an Orlando fan, but I personally do believe that he did a good job playing the 'anti-hero', as he calls it. He played a good sissy/coward...his facial expression while he was clutching onto Eric's ankle was the best priceless. I was just waiting for him to cry like a baby. He made the cowardice believable - and as an actor, not being afraid to do roles such as this is very risky, he took that risk, and I believe it's worth it.

Although I also agree with someone who said 'his agent better get him in a movie where he isn't an archer'...there was much too Legolas-ness in some shots, but I guess it's only because I've seen the LotR trilogy a million times. (Fellowship 20 times, Two Towers 28 times, and Return of the King thrice [that will increase once I get the DVD next week]).

I also don't understand that because he's as famous as he is people are judging him on these high standards. Some people may forget that he's pretty much just started out in the business, right? Compared to the men he stood alongside with in the movie and in the other movies he's done (PotC with Johnny Depp, LotR with the likes of Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, etc), he's being judged/compared using the criteria that should be used on people who've been in the business a lot longer than he has. He's fresh. He's new. He got a lucky break that shot him into stardom, and I know that he still has much to improve on in his acting skills. But people are saying now that 'he sucks' or 'his acting's wooden' or 'he's horrible at acting' or whatnot. But I say just give the bloke chance to improve. And also take into consideration that it's not just him, it's the director and the writer who also shape the characters he's been portraying. So if many say that his character was wooden or whatever - he was written that way, and he acted it out the way he was told to.

I think Orlando did a splendid job. His acting's improved, I think...and it will only get better.

I know this is a tiny unimportant bit, but that bit where he forces Andromache to go through the tunnel and leave him behind and he kisses her and the baby...I just thought that was cute. Okay. Moving right along...

Sean Bean (Odysseus) - B+ - This guy gained a fan in me when I saw Fellowship of the Ring a few years back. He was totally underused in this movie, but having that ending the way it did gave me some spark of hope that someone would do an Odyssey movie with him. He's extremely talented, and all he needs is a good script to go with it. He was a good one. I can so imagine Odyssey now. :)

Peter O'Toole (King Priam) - A - I respect this guy so much (which is saying a bit since I'm 15 and I'm not totally familiar with all the veteran actors). His acting was great, especially the scene where he asks Achilles to return Hector's body. That was some deep shit...and I almost cried. (I cried when Hector died, not afterward).

Saffron Burrows (Andromache) - B - Another underused/underdeveloped character. Her devotion to Hector was heartbreaking. It's as if she knew he was going to die and just kept on refusing to accept the fact. Her chin bothered me though, whenever they'd do close-ups. The cleft in her chin is sort of off center and it's totally obvious in her tight shots. (Sorry, just had to mention that.) I think she has talent though, and it was too bad it wasn't used as much as it should've been. And, whoever that baby was...loved the eyes...and the kid was absolutely adorable.

Diane Kruger (Helen) - B- - She wasn't really the Helen I expected. She didn't do bad, she just didn't do good either. She was just there. Crying when needed. Undressing when needed. And while she looks almost ethereal in the movie, in every interview I've seen it looks like she's a different person, imo. Like...not as pretty. Paris is prettier than her. hehe. Seriously. I only think she's pretty in the movie. And her accent bothered me too.

Rose Byrne (Briseis) - B- - Ah, Briseis. She was okay, I guess. Nothing special. Nothing huge. But passable. It was good, considering it was either her or Achilles getting it on with Patroclus (haha...brad pitt and garrett hedlund...ewww)...and she did bring out the humanity and softness in Achilles, but, nothing huge. Just another pretty face. (although unlike Diane, Rose is still quite good looking outside of the movie).

Brian Cox (Agamemnon) - A- - You just so want to kick this guy's ass. Heartless b@$t@rd. Greedy son of a...okay. You get the point. You're supposed to hate him in the movie, and I sure did. The comment he made about Patroclus disgusted me. Then again, this hatred just shows how good of an actor he is.

Brendan Gleeson (Menelaus) - B- - Wasn't in it much. Didn't really do anything aside from be pissed that his wife was gone and beat the daylights out of Paris. From the trailer you'd think he'd be in it a lot more.

Garrett Hedlund (Patroclus) - F (if there was anything lower than F, I'd give it to him) - I just have to put him after Brad because I 1000000% agree with someone who said he was "Brad Pitt Lite". I know Patroclus (in the movie, at least) was supposed to be like, Achilles' #1 fan and student and all that...but he could've at least done a better performance. And the accent. Again...what the heck? He sounded like some surfer dude. Well, it could have been worse. He could've had kissing scenes with Brad instead of Brad with Rose. ick.

Score & Music: I love the music...and Josh Groban isn't too shabby. It's the goddamned woman moaning that pissed the hell out of me. I want to purchase the OST, but if all the tracks have her on it, I might regret spending P500 on that CD. Her moaning was annoying and incredibly distracting, in my opinion. Some scenes, I would almost zone out and forget to watch - that's how bad it got.

So there. Questions? Opinions? React. Fine with me. This is what I think. Respect that, and I'll respect what you think. Savvy?

I'll probably be watching it again more over the next week, once or twice or thrice more. I really don't mind, since nothing to my taste is coming out next week anyway.

There. Wow. Midnight. Alrighty then. Currently awaiting The Calcium Kid DVD which my godbrother is sending to me from London (once it gets released) as well as Elizabethtown and Kingdom of Heaven, Orlando's upcoming movies. Oh, and of course, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

currently feeling:  tired but happy
currently reading: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (again, after Deception Point...I was actually halfway in it when I bought DP, so, continuing...for the fourth time).
currently hearing: Remember by Josh Groban (OST Troy)
currently watching: Teen Titans on Cartoon Network

PS: wow, that was long, wasn't it. hope you read it all. :)

Posted at 17.5.04 by Jennifer Bloom
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Sunday, May 16, 2004
Well Well, Guess What I Did Today...


I give it an B+. Orlando's acting's inproved...and Eric Bana gained a fan in me. That's all I gotta say about that. Oh and...WATCH IT!
I'm watching it again next week.


Wise Words From Orlando Bloom:

"Being happy is a great goal. If you are happy with work, it definitely helps. If you are happy in love, it definitely helps. But if you aren't happy with who you are, then you aren't there yet."


I'd love to post a Troy Review...but...I'm still on Troy hangover giddyness/emotion. And The Making is on on the Lifestyle Network in three minutes. =)


currently feeling:  as happy as hell =)

PS: got another Orlando poster...i'll be posting shots of my room soon...hehe...and i'm done with Deception Point...IT ROCKS! heehee...=)

Posted at 16.5.04 by Jennifer Bloom
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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Oh My Gulay!

I owe much to the following people.


amazing people. I owe soooooooo much to them both...and you'll see later on why.

currently feeling:  embarrassed [I owe soooo much to them. That's why.]

Posted at 15.5.04 by Jennifer Bloom
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Friday, May 14, 2004
Do You Use FTP?

More particularly, AceFTP? If you do, god almighty, please tell me. I'm totally in the dark, and Dimitra isn't always available to help the poor thing that is me.

Please tell me if you know anything FTP-related, okay? I'm so in the bloody depths of darkness.

currently feeling:  bloody confuzzled (you know I am! Pink! I'm using PINK AS A BLOODY FONT COLOR!

Posted at 14.5.04 by Jennifer Bloom
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